"If you feel that your products deserve to be enhanced more than they already are, then Mystica is the perfect product for you"

Associate an NFT with each product through an NFC tag

A 1-1 relationship between the physical and digital worlds

Mystica creates a link between a physical product in the real world with a certificate or object in the virtual world


How Mystica works

A tag (NFC) is applied to the product and a digital certificate (NFT) is created in blockchain linked to this tag.
Both cannot be duplicated.
It is because of these features that a real product can be connected to the digital world without being cloned.

Consumer advantages


The consumer is guaranteed that the products they purchase are authentic


Each product becomes unique due to the properties of the NFT that represents it


You can prove at any time that you are the owner of the product

Producer benefits


Holding an NFT certificate reduces the distance to the consumer and increases the sense of brand loyalty and belonging


With NFTs comes better processing and analysis of user data.


By tracking interactions with the product, you can find out if it becomes the subject of counterfeiting


It is possible to trace the entire production chain of products through the use of Blockchain

The technologies used


NFC tags are passive (non-powered) proximity chips. They interact by approaching reading devices such as a smartphone. A common example of the use of NCF tags is the contact-less functionality of next-generation credit cards.


Blockchain is a secure and transparent decentralized digital ledger technology that enables tamper-proof transactions without intermediaries. It has a wide range of applications and promotes trust and accountability in various sectors.


NFTs are unique digital assets verified using blockchain technology, such as artwork, videos and tweets. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs are not interchangeable and can be bought and sold like any other asset.

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